Data Download Tables

Table NameDescription# of RowsOrigin
application0.046 GBInformation on the applications for granted patent6,215,171raw
assignee0.011 GBDisambiguated assignee data351,534disamb
botanic0.0 GBBotanic information for plant patents12,308raw
brf_sum_text11.917 GBBrief summary text5,675,526raw
claim10.391 GBFull text of patent claims, including dependency and sequence87,699,642raw
cpc_current0.783 GBCurrent CPC classification data for all patents (applied retrospectively to all patents)29,938,838raw (from separate classification files)
cpc_group0.018 MBLookup table of current CPC groups656raw (from separate classification files)
cpc_subgroup5.118 MBLookup table of current CPC subgroups259,465raw (from separate classification files)
cpc_subsection0.003 MBLookup table of current CPC subsections127raw (from separate classification files)
draw_desc_text2.65 GBDrawing description text61,172,539raw
foreign_priority0.09 GBForeign priority data2,926,192raw
figures0.121 GBNumber of figures and sheets5,729,873raw
foreigncitation0.62 GBCitations made to foreign patents by US patents21,007,891raw
government_interest0.003 GBRaw government interest statements on all patents (where available)124,765raw
government_organization0.003 MBOrganization names and related agency hierarchy parsed from the government interest statements on all patents (where available)140processed
inventor0.033 GBDisambiguated inventor data3,414,473disamb
ipcr0.298 GBInternational Patent Classification data for all patents (as of publication date)10,872,586raw
lawyer4.89 MBDisambiguated lawyer data162,881disamb
location3.192 MBDisambiguated location data, including latitude and longitude128,679disamb
location_assignee13.27 MBMetadata table for many-to-many relationships512,847disamb (linking table)
location_inventor52.1 MBMetadata table for many-to-many relationships4,689,121disamb (linking table)
mainclass0.002 MBLookup table of original USPC main classes (as of patent publication date)1,237raw
mainclass_current0.007 MBLookup table of current USPC main technology classes (applied retrospectively to all patents)511raw (from separate classification files)
nber0.105 GBNBER classification data for all patents up to May 20155,105,937raw (from separate classification files)
nber_category0.0 MBLookup table for NBER categories6raw (from separate classification files)
nber_subcategory0.001 MBLookup table for NBER subcategories37raw (from separate classification files)
non_inventor_applicant0.023 GBNon-inventor applicant information482,364raw
otherreference2.377 GBNon-patent citations mentioned in patents (e.g. articles, papers, etc.)29,870,064raw
patent1.14 GBData on granted patents6,215,171raw
patent_assignee0.092 GBMetadata table for many-to-many relationships5,442,071disamb (linking table)
patent_contractawardnumber0.887 MBContract or award numbers parsed from the government interest statements on all patents (where available)135,400processed
patent_govintorg0.329 MBMetadata table with patent-to-organization relationships linked to the government_organization table143,669processed
patent_inventor0.107 GBMetadata table for many-to-many relationships14,536,617disamb (linking table)
patent_lawyer0.032 GBMetadata table for many-to-many relationships7,067,548disamb (linking table)
pct_data0.033 GBPCT data1,044,584raw
rawassignee0.34 GBRaw assignee information as it appears in the source text and XML files5,442,930raw
rawexaminer0.249 GBRaw examiner information8,575,654raw
rawinventor0.737 GBRaw inventor information as it appears in the source text and XML files14,536,617raw
rawlawyer0.344 GBRaw lawyer information as it appears in the source text and XML files7,054,514raw
rawlocation0.668 GBRaw location data for inventors and assignees, as it appears in xml and text source files19,979,547raw
rel_app_text0.109 GBRelated applications text1,203,272raw
subclass0.379 MBLookup table of original USPC subclasses (as of patent publication date)264,235raw
subclass_current1.924 MBLookup table of current USPC subclasses (applied retrospectively to all patents)171,053raw (from separate classification files)
us_term_of_grant0.063 GBU.S. term of grant data2,824,070raw
usapplicationcitation0.842 GBCitations made to US patent applications by US patents23,216,675raw
uspatentcitation2.926 GBCitations made to US granted patents by US patents86,184,397raw
uspc0.437 GBUSPC classification data for all patents18,020,161raw
uspc_current0.535 GBCurrent USPC classification data for all patents up to May 201522,461,828raw (from separate classification files)
usreldoc0.225 GBU.S. related documents (post-2005 patents only)7,630,275raw
wipo15.654 MBWIPO technology fields for all patents8,252,788raw (from separate classification files)
wipo_field0.001 MBLookup table of WIPO technology fields70raw (from separate classification files)

The PatentsView database is sourced from USPTO-provided text and XML data on published patent applications (2001-most recent update) and granted patents (1976-most recent update). The current PatentsView database MySQL dump is available for download, upon request. The patent applications database, which contains all granted and non-granted applications, is also available upon request. After March, 2016, the applications database will not contain the same inventor IDs as the PatentsView database. Only inventors on granted applications can be matched between the PatentsView and applications databases via a granted application ID.

This work was created through a government contract funded by the Office of Chief Economist in the US Patent and Trademark Office. Users are free to use, share, or adapt the material for any purpose, subject to the standards of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (

Attribution should be given to PatentsView ( for use, distribution, or derivative works.

From the PatentsView database, simple assignee and lawyer disambiguations are performed, and the patents are geocoded with a location-based disambiguation. Data are then fed into the inventor disambiguation algorithm in order to identify clusters of inventor names that are determined to be the same individual. Because the disambiguation of inventor identities is an ongoing effort, there are likely to be errors observable in the PatentsView data tables. The team welcomes feedback as we continue to improve our disambiguation methodology.

For more information, visit the Methods and Sources section of the website.